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Turning a passion into profession can lead people to overcome borders, cultural differences, own limitations and much more. Or simply lead to truly being oneself. This project shows people – artists, musicians, scientists, etc. – who are pursuing the passions that drive and fulfill them and make them achieve excellence. What makes you itch? How would you really enjoy spending your live? Which effects occur by pursuing a passion? “The only way to become a master of something is to be really with it.” (Alan Watts) In our rushing society it is all too common to loose sight of what is really important to us intellectually. Yet some people just follow their interests. And by their creative process they go beyond their limits and affect others in an inspiring way.

“passionate about” particle physics

At EPS-HEP2015 and in cooperation with art@cms Bree Corn gives insight to the energy and thoughts of particle physicists who share their personal experiences in an open minded way. Experience and get inspired!
Project website: www.passionate-about.com

Artist statement:
“If you’re turning your passion into a profession you risk and win at the same time. You risk comfort but you win a life task which enriches your life and the life of others; it might occur that you’re going to do something remarkable. Why not try?”
Bree Corn works as photographer, artist and trainer.
Website: www.breecorn.photo

  • Date: 22 July – 29 July 2015
  • Time: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Address: University of Vienna, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna
  • Place: AULA
  • Entrance free